What should people consider when buying candle holders?

Candles are an excellent way to bring life and happiness into a drab space. They are often used to enhance the warmth and create a calming, serene atmosphere. Mosaic candle holders are a must-have item that significantly alter the appearance of candles, whether used to adorn a house or for a party. As a result, people consider candle holders to be a crucial component of house design. But with so many options available, how to choose the best candle holders? This helpful guide will outline the various candle holder types and give consumers some essential advice.

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Area of the candle’s base

The candle base size is a crucial thing to consider when choosing a candle holder. Most people buy a decorative wall sconce candle holder based on how it looks at first glance, without comparing the candle’s base to the candle holder’s size. The candle should fit perfectly in the candle holder. Choosing candle holders that give the candles a good base is essential. When looking for candle holders, one must measure the bottom of the candle and know the diameter of the opening in the mosaic wall sconce cup to ensure that the candles fit perfectly in the holders.

Material and texture

The material and texture of the mosaic candle holders also deserve consideration. Glass, ceramic, and metal are the most common materials for candle holders because they are strong and keep the flame safe. There are also many different finishes, like mercury, mottled, metallic, chrome metallic, and pearl tints. Most people choose clear glass when decorating for an occasion because it has a clean, uniform look that doesn’t clash with the other decorations. You can get the finest quality of candle holders from DecorShore!


When choosing mosaic wall sconces, it’s essential to consider where they will be placed. They come in different styles for both indoor and outdoor use. Wall sconce candle holders are ideal for homes. These will give all of the indoor spots and areas an attractive look. But if someone wants to use candles to light up an open space, they need to think about how the wind will affect them. By putting glass tubes or cups over the candles, an outdoor candle holder is made to protect the open flame and stop the wind. 

Ponder about the aesthetics

Candle holders are beautiful decorations that give the party tables and home decor an instant posh and glamorous look. But if one chooses the wrong design, style, or color, the decorations will look mismatched and unappealing. Therefore, it’s always essential to think about how the shape, style, color, and design of something can improve the look of a space. From classic mosaic candle holders to eye-catching metal mosaic wall sconces, many kinds of candle holders will look great in any living room or dining room.

How much the candle holder weighs

The weight of the candle holders is another critical thing to consider when choosing them. Wall sconce candle holders should be heavy enough to hold large candles without falling over. Moreover, they should also be strong enough to stand up to accidental or unintentional nudges. Our robust mosaic candle holders are strong and can be put anywhere without worrying about kids or people with clumsy hands knocking them over.


Most people don’t want to buy a decorative candle holder for a one-time party because they don’t think it’s worth spending money on an item that they will only use once or twice. So, it’s crucial to choose a mosaic wall sconce that can also be used for other things. One must select candle holders that serve many purposes like holding flowers, pens, spices, candies, and other things. There are many creative and artistic ways to use floor candle holders to decorate a space. So, choose a holder that does its primary job well and can then be used stylishly for other purposes. The candle holders from DecoreShore are functional as well as beautiful.

Type of candles

Different kinds of candles go with different types of decor. The different kinds of candles add a special touch to living rooms, dining room tables, or event decorations. Usually, a mosaic candle holder stand is made to hold only one type of candle. Whether you choose pillar, taper, votive, or tea light, it’s essential to put the right kind of candle in the right wall sconce candle holder.

Summary: Candle holders, which come in many different styles, have become popular. But choosing the right style for the suitable purpose is a step that requires some thought. Therefore, keeping these aspects in mind will be helpful when buying a candle holder and ensure that no absurd combination is created in a decor space or home.

Conclusion: There are different types of candles that go well with different types of decor. Pillar candles, taper candles, votive candles, and tea light candles all have their own unique benefits, and it’s important to put the right kind of candle in the right wall sconce candle holder. The weight and aesthetics of the candle holder should be considered when making a purchase, and the placement of the candle holder should be taken into account when decorating


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