Fascinating Ways To Style Your Home With Beautiful Floor Vases

Beautiful Floor Vases

Beautiful Floor vases are often underrated, when planning a home decor, people either consider a vase as storage for flowers or plants or just an additional decor item, but a vase can be a great decor element if used in the right way. Have you ever thought of experimenting with vase placement? Do you specifically buy tall vases to create a different aura at your home? NO! Then you need to think again as vases can be beautiful and fascinating home decor. They look gorgeous when placed in different ways. 

Do you want to know how you can style vases at your home? Let’s have a look. 

Here’s a list of ways to style beautiful floor vases at your home:

Use a set of two: Whenever you are purchasing a large or medium size vase, consider buying a set of two. You can place these two at different heights. Either on stairs at different steps or using books to create a difference in height, this unique placement of similar or contrasting color tall vases placed at different heights look elegant. 

Place near the living room coffee table: The living room is one of the best places to use floor vases. Place a designer vase near a coffee table with beautiful indoor plants or flowers. You can use the above-mentioned arrangement near the coffee table, it looks good, and add a volume in your living room. If you do not have heavy decor pieces in your living, a large-size vase is a great option. 

Kitchen corner: Do you love gardening? Do you like using home-grown herbs in your cooking? If yes, then tall vases in your kitchen corner will not only add aesthetics but also can be used to grow herbs for cooking. Often when we create interiors for homes, the kitchen is typically limited to cabinets, kitchenware, etc. Painting or decor pieces are used less. You can balance and use both the functional and visual appeal of a vase when placed in the kitchen corner. 

Bring a visual height in the bedroom: If you have a short or small room, using a large vase can add an illusion of height. Place a large or long vase in the corner or near the window or vanity desk to create an illusion of height in the room. It brings perfect aesthetics and creates a unique visual element in the bedroom. Similar illusions of height can be created in the living room or any other part of the house.

In the dining room: Often dining rooms have the least decor items, if they do, they are either ceiling decor or wall hangings. Mosaic vases can balance the formal appeal created by these two decor pieces. Most importantly, you will have plants or beautiful flowers near you and nothing can replace the positivity that flowers bring. While having food, you can feel the happy vibes around you with fresh flowers placed in a beautiful vase. 

How to select a vase for your home?

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Make a statement: Needless to say, first impressions are important. Whether you are hosting a family dinner, formal business dinner or house party, a large vase placed in a unique arrangement in Foyer will create a statement. You can leave an impressive image on your guests when they enter and see a unique arrangement of statement floor vases placed in the foyer. Use any fascinating vase that will attract your guests when they walk in. 

Use oversized Vases: Have you ever visited someone’s home or a cottage and the first thing that caught your attention was oversized floor vases? If yes! Then why not use it at your home. The oversized vase looks stunning either placed in the hallway, living room, or dining area. They are going to grab attention wherever they are placed. You can either place it in the corner or in the center, it will grab attention. Complement the vase with beautiful flowers or herbs, bamboo, or anything that you like. 

Unique design: Anything unique is bound to grab your attention whether it’s a painting, coffee table, clock, or vase. So, when you are purchasing a vase, try out unique handicrafts or styles in a vase that do not need any extra element, just a vase is enough such as mosaic vases. These shiny vases will add glamour and brightness to your dull-looking room. Whenever you have guests, it’s going to grab attention. 

Conclusion: These are some of the fascinating ways to style beautiful floor vases in your home. Whether you are purchasing new or already have one, these ways can perfectly style your home in a unique way. If you are a fan of indoor plants or flowers, don’t hesitate to use a vase. So, bring out your inner artist and style with mosaic vase at home from DecorShore by trying these techniques.


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