How to select a vase for your home?

It may appear that using a flower vase or vase for home decor is straightforward, but it is not. There are a few things to bear in mind, as placing the wrong vase in the wrong location may not only produce poor energy but also make the room seem bad. Vases have been used for flowers and plants since their inception or development, but in recent decades, they have been employed as a sort of decor element indoors. Before purchasing and placing decor mosaic vases or floor vases in your home, you should think about the different types. Following a selection strategy is the greatest way to choose the appropriate vase for your home.

Here is the list of things that will help you select the best vase for your home: 

Location of the vase: The location where you want to place the vase will create an impact. Location will determine the shape, color, or design of the vase you should purchase as different shapes placed in a way can create different impacts. For instance, a small vase placed in a corner of an open area will look bad as it will only look unorganized or scattered while a large bell-shaped vase placed in the same location will enhance the visual appeal and create a sophisticated look. Similarly, bright shiny tall vases in a formal meeting room will look negative or create a distracting element. Therefore, whenever you purchase a vase, make sure you consider the location. 

Size: Similar to the location, the size of the vase is important to balance the other elements of home decor. Use a large vase in your living room if it doesn’t have any heavy or large decor items. If you have a large wall mirror or complex painting, balance it out with a plan or less decorative vase for better impact. Large paintings can be balanced with large floor vases, small paintings with small. If you are looking for a floor vase to place near the cabinet, you need a large size. 

Shape: Mosaic or floor vases come in various shapes, each shape has its own characteristics and uniqueness. You can select the shape according to your requirements.  Different shapes of the vase are as follows: 

  • Bell-shaped: The type resembles a bell upside down and has a wider neck, which gives them plenty of space to arrange flowers or plants. They are a good option for arranging indoor plants if you have a large living room. 
  • Tall: The tall and elegant-looking vase that is mostly used for flowers or plants with long stems. If you are going to use this, make sure you do not overfill the tall vases with plants. They look good with small amounts of branches. 
  • Short: They are a safe option if you are not ready to buy a large vase. They can be placed anywhere on cabinets, vanity desks, dining tables, living room center tables, or side tables in the bedroom. They add additional elements to the room despite being small in size. You can put flowers with small stems in these mosaic vases
  • Round: The classic but the best with a wider bottom and small neck. They are great for any kind of flower arrangement and give an amazing feeling. From large stems to flower bouquets, this vase can hold it all effortlessly. 

Design: Like any other decor item, the vase is available in various unique designs such as shimmery wired artform, mosaic vase, etc. Depending on the location, you can select the design of the vase. The large mosaic vase will look amazing in the living room or bedroom while a shimmery vase placed in the corridor or hallway will bring beautiful aesthetics. Therefore, while considering design, think about the location, balance all the elements, and purchase a unique vase for your home. 

Color: Vases come in different colors and art forms such as mosaics. Some floor vases are multicolored while some are monochromatic. They both look perfect in a bright living room and can balance the heavy furniture. If you are a fan of monochrome colors, you can purchase mosaic vases designed in single colors. You can also try classic gold and silver colors that create the feel of luxury. 

Conclusion: Vases with beautiful flowers or indoor plants placed in the home look remarkable as home decor. However, they can make or break the entire look of the ensure you select the right floor vases for your home, it’s important to follow these above-mentioned tips or ways that will help you with the best solution and make your home look beautiful and welcoming. 


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