An Insight into Wall Sconces and Candle Holders

Wall sconces and candle holders are excellent illuminative ideas for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your interior decoration. Wall sconces are fixed to the wall and mostly radiate the light in an upward or downward beam with the help of its encasement. The housing structures are available in different patterns and styles that take the room’s décor to another level. The casings can be plain with a sophisticated look or gorgeous with floral or ethnic artworks. Candle holders are used to installing the candles on a strong base, with intricate designs for the reflection of the flame. 

Wall sconces and candle holders are commonly found in the houses of previous times, as it dates back to history. However, it is used as a showpiece more than a light source by today’s generation when advanced illumination techniques are available. Nevertheless, their appearance enhances the view of the wall or room it is placed in. You can choose your preferred light source to place inside the wall sconces such as candles, LED lamps, electric bulbs, etc. 

We have mentioned some common locations for installing wall sconces and placing candle holders, which may give you an idea of the benefits of using these lighting apparatuses. 

DecorShore “Bella Palacio” Glass Mosaic & Metal Wall Mounted Decorative Candle

In Hallways or Corridors

decorative wall sconce best suits in hallways and corridors where the radiant light gets enough space to spread. The entire passage can be lit up by a pair or a larger combination of wall sconces, depending on the length of the hallway. If the passage is broad, then fixing sconces on both walls should suffice. The installation should be properly done so as not to obstruct the radiated beam, as that is the beauty of using a sconce instead of a regular LED lamp. 

Mosaic Wall Sconce Set Of 2 Tealight Wall Candle Holders

Another option is to install a wall sconce candle holder, which is the latest trend. You will find these masterpieces in almost every household. You can select a pair of wall sconces with candle holders or purchase a linked set. The latter looks good on large walls as it covers most of the area. 

You can also choose to install a central wall sconce atop, keeping in mind its gap with the ceiling. A sconce that illuminates its passage underneath is suitable for this installation. Also, if you are using one wall sconce for the entrance, you must ensure the illuminative power of the light source. Larger hallways have more dust and other invisible particles to scatter light, thus, the wall sconce will not be able to brighten up the corridor or entrance and will merely be a showpiece if not lighted properly. 

DecorShore Mosaic Wall Sconces Tealight Candle Holders

Dining or Living Rooms

Candleholders look best if placed in the living room where one has maximum décor of the house. You can choose to place these on corner slabs or atop center tables. You may also place it with a wall sconce. A metal candle holder looks brilliant as it adds to the interior decoration of the living space. As the flame is guarded against all sides, you do not have to worry about any incoming wind putting it off. However, you should be careful that the flame does not rise to any furniture or wall. 

Along with Mirrors for Grooming

Mirrors reflect the ambient light and brighten up the space, which is why washrooms and dressing areas have large-sized mirrors to capture maximum light. One can install wall sconces on top or both sides of the mirror to increase the brightness of the washroom, enabling them to groom themselves with more clarity. 

DecorShore “Bella Palacio” Metal Wall Sconce, 23 In. 

To Highlight Wall Décor

You can use decorative mosaic wall sconce and mosaic wall candle holders to emphasize your existing wall décor by producing contrasting or matching light effects. However, you should ensure that the brightness of the sconce lighting does not overpower the look of your artwork.

You may also opt for colored light sources in the sconce matching or contrasting your wall color, but these should also not change the coloring of the existing decorative images. On the other hand, too little illumination will not justify the purpose of placing the wall sconce with your wall gallery. You can experiment with the lighting and decide on the exact brightness and suitable color.

Online stores are the best destination where you can get the finest range of wall scones to décor your walls with candlelight. Just ensure you compare the price and reputation of the store. It will help you to make the best buy and that too at the best price.

Scones could also add a lavish touch to your living space, Check out our previous blog for more details on that.


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