Hand Tufted Wool Area Rugs – A Cost Effective and Impressive Addition to Home

Wool area rugs are an impressive and beautiful addition to your space. Apart from offering an elegant and stylish touch to a room, they reduce noise levels, shield flooring and sustain heat levels. The wool rugs are mainly available in two forms – hand tufted wool rugs and hand knotted wool rugs.

Hand Tufted Vs Hand Knotted Area Rugs –

The key difference between both the rugs is the method used to produce them.


Source – igotyourrug


Source – arearugfacts

Hand Knotted Wool Rugs

To produce this rug, a method used called hand knotting, in which each thread needs to be knotted tightly onto the base of rug by hand. This production method is time consuming and expensive too. The thread is hand spun and colored with natural vegetable dyes which is costly. However, the hand knotting is an expensive production method so the price of hand knotted wool rugs can be high.

Hand Tufted Wool Rugs

These rugs are made by tufting thread into a cloth and then backed up with glue to secure each and every individual tuft. This process is cost effective and less timely. The wool is tightly attached to the base of area rug that makes it durable.

Hand tufted wool area rugs offer the same visual effects and benefits as hand knotted rugs. In some cases, they add more prominent effect because of different pile heights and textures. The looped piles and carved features make them exceptional.

Have a look at this amazing lime green and ivory hand tufted wool area rug






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