Pick The Perfect Rug Color For Your Space

Choosing a perfect area rug for your room is essential in order to give your home a stylish and classic look. Colors play a key role in interior design and decor.

Most interior experts recommend using area rugs in your space. Everyone’s lifestyle and personal choice differ. These are also the main factors in choosing an area rug for an individual’s room.

If you have pets or children, then a white shag rug is definitely not for you.


You may prefer a contemporary handmade 100% wool area rug that is easy to clean and always looks perfect and never give off odd dimness like artificial or synthetic rugs.

A long lasting durable rug is recommended for high rush areas like living room.

Light Blue Trellis Patterned Hand Tufted Rug

Rich colors craft intimate spaces.


With help of light colors, small spaces appear larger.

Muted and soft colors blend in stunning contrast to dark and shiny wall colors like orange, yellow, blue.

Cool colors craft a calm ambiance, especially in a room overflowing with natural light.

Darker colors cover up the stains.


You may easily get this amazing collection of 100% wool hand tufted area rugs  at DecorShore.com.


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